About us
Mark, Yvonne and Prince the dog. Hello, we are Mark and Vonny. Like many others, for some years we shared a dream of moving away from the hurly-burly of modern life, to a place in France where time has paused for a while. Although our life in North Devon was happy and comfortable, we always felt that "the best was yet to come." Mark's love of fishing led us to start searching for French properties which also had a lake. Whilst staying with friends who live in the heart of rural France, we came across Chez Gouillard, a tiny hamlet located just outside of a pretty little market town called Bussiere Poitevine.

There, we discovered a large granite built house surrounded by a barn, stone pig sties and a delightful stone cottage overlooking an ornamental pond. The gardens of the house led to a large open meadow which sloped gently to reveal a sparkling, reed fringed lake. The search was over and we now awake each morning to the excited chatter of our resident family of hedge sparrows and a glorious vista of meadows, lake, woodland and a big, open sky.

We have been embraced by the friendly local community who enjoy encouraging us in our (often feeble) attempts to master la langue francais. The fruit trees in the orchard provide us with cherries, peaches, figs, plums apples and pears which can be picked and eaten straight from the tree. During the winter we toast our toes (and crumpets) in front of a fire piled high with crackling logs and become mesmerised by the dancing flames. We hope that you too will become as captivated as we have been by this tranquil and peaceful area of unspoilt France.